I founded Handsome Badger in 2013 because I loved making beautiful things with quality materials. I have never trained formally, but textiles have always been a passion of mine – my Grandma taught me to knit at the age of 7 and I haven’t stopped working with yarn since. Growing up in Yorkshire, I was surrounded not only by beautiful landscapes but also by a rich, historic textile industry. Whilst knitting was (and still is) my passion, I expanded my craft discipline over the years, incorporating crochet, weaving and hand sewing into designs.

When I moved to London in my late teens to train as an actress, I was still pursuing my love of craft and design, and took seasonal commissions for my signature designs, some of which form the basis of my permanent collection today.

In 2013 I injured myself performing and during my months of recovery I returned home to Yorkshire and focused my energies on creating Handsome Badger. I wanted to build my existing designs into a collection of unique, unisex pieces that fulfilled both the criteria of William Morris’s famous statement that you should have nothing you “do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. I wanted to find sustainable sources that made quality materials while supporting producers, and I wanted to use them to create striking pieces that would fit seamlessly into people’s lives.

From there, Handsome Badger developed, testing suppliers and designs to get the model right from farm to customer. Eventually this led me to Peru, to source our signature merino, and to design the launch collection, which expresses the heart of the business – beautiful, useful, sustainable, transformative.

As Handsome Badger moves forward, my hope is to develop the concept further. I want to bring together British textile heritage, the art of traditional craft and cutting-edge technologies to create a lifestyle brand that provides people with things they both love and need. I want to ensure each piece embodies the ethos of sustainability by building a community of people working in the arts, passing on traditional skills to them, and using this to develop a completely new initiative that works for both the business and the artists – a symbiosis between creatives.

I hope you enjoy the collection.


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