Bespoke Wool Throw
Bespoke Wool Hats

Every hat, scarf and throw from Handsome Badger is artisanal, everything is made to order and as a result you will always be purchasing a truly unique piece. The design process is one of trial and error, being unafraid to fail is key as the designs will always be pushing boundaries, iterative in order to create the most interesting pieces that are ergonomic and useful as well as stylistically beautiful and unique. The creative process never stops and new inspiration comes every day – so whilst a finite collection is in place, the possibilities are always endless. It may be that one of our pieces and has ignited something creative in you, you like the piece but want to take it in your direction so you own a hat/scarf/throw that more clearly defines you. It may be that you have seen something that isn’t knitted, possibly in a different media but you’d like to commission Handsome Badger to try and put it in knitted form. If you have a particular commission in mind or wish to adapt one of our designs then email us on and it’ll be our pleasure to make it come to life for you.

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